Sound proofing

Creating a sound-proof dome

To get a totally sound-proof space whatever the requirements may be.....I'd suggest a rather bizarre solution to that, may you like it someday.
Let's make a dome with sound proofing materials like acoustic polyester or rigid fibre-glass  insulation . Now let's build the outside layer for our dome.
We will to your surprise use magnetic materials. Let's put it in this way,...we will take a sphere and outside of it is a magnet of say N pole and inside of that consists of our soundproofing material.Now we will with the help of another magnet of N-pole,set the dome suspend in the air.The phenomena is somehow know to us to be magnetic levitation.
So finally we get a sound proof room(dome) to read out delightful books in perfect silence.
P.S. We suspended the sphere to avoid any kind of solid contact with the outside medium thus making it perfectly sound proof. Which otherwise would let sound pass, since most solid media are good conductor of sound .
Further analysis made me realise to add one extra layer to my  dome. And  that is the central layer lying between inner and outer layer and that would consist of vacuumed out space.We will do this by leaving a hole in the outer layer and drawing our the gas inside.
Thus our soundproofed dome is finally ready-to-go.

Fact of the Sun

The sun is the main source of our most familiar and almost all the energy of this world. Every organism is directly or indirectly dependent on solar energy. The source of this sun's energy is the reaction of the nucleus, which causes the hydrogen atoms present in the sun to become helium atoms and produces a lot of heat energy. But there is no flame blaze in the sun, because the flame can not survive in the absence of oxygen. Then it looks like a super hot, red-colored iron

Range of Light

The flow of photon particles is called light. Light is one type of electromagnetic wave. The light can not travel far enough because the light is scattered through various obstacles in the atmosphere of the Earth.  Because there is no atmosphere in the space, there is almost no presence of light distillatory material. So the light of a general intense light source can also pass an infinite distance. 

Building Super Conductor

Building Super Conductor 

By far inventions and discoveries made less progress regarding superconductivity none the less efforts to do so brought subtle break-throughs.
Starting with manufacture of economic superconductors for transmission and distribution of electrical power with minimal transmission losses.
We shall now talk about LTS(low temperature superconductors)
Superconducting is possible at low temperatures.
Having that simple fact in mind we need not go to the roots but only certain links,it is possible to know how to make superconductivity possible.
Thanks to Dr.Alex Muller for his contributions toward finding a cost effective cooling.
Liquid helium can do the job.
At -452°F it provides required low temperatures for superconductivity.
Moreover thick ceramic oxide compounds in place of copper  as transmission wires

is required to complete the job.
A High Voltage transmission cables with an extra layer(jacket) for the coolant to flow should be used for conducting power with minimal resistance.

Brain Tumor

Tumor is caused by abnormalities and excessive cell division. There are two types of tumors, namely benign tumor and malignant tumor. Although there is no possibility of cancer from benign tumors, but malignant tumor causes cancer. Now thinking about the brain, it is known that it is made with neurons and ganglion. Because the neuron's centrosome is inactive, it stays at the G-0 level of cell division, so they can not be divided. But in the first statement it has been said that tumor is caused due to extra cell division. This phenomenon may seem unusual. But brain tumors are actually occurring. In some rare cases, the centrosome part of these neurons of the brain became active and the cells could not be confined to the G-0 condition, so the neurons could be separated. But neurons can not control this division, so this division action reaches a greater level due to brain tumors.

The beginning

Speed of light  and  time relationship  is all about revolutionizing futuristic science and progress alongside theories like string theory is all about the roots of our very beginning........we hope we can reach deep into it during our following posts.