Preparation of gold coin from copper coin.

-: Preparation of gold coins from copper coin :-

             1. Copper coins / copper sheets.
             2. Zinc sulfate (ZnSO4).
             3. Pieces of metallic zinc.
             4. distilled water.
             5. Beaker.
             6. Pinch.
             7. Stand.
             8. Bunsen burner.
             9. Metalic Net.

Procedure :-
               First, the solution of zinc sulphate (ZnSO4) should be prepared with distilled water in a small beaker. The beaker containing the solution must be heated with a Bunsen burner, placed on a stand with radiance. When heated, a piece of metallic zinc should be added to the solution. Then the copper coin should be placed in the solution. Putting it this way will put a silver lining on the connector after some time. In that case, the pin should be lifted with a pinch. Then remove the beaker and heat the coin with a bunsen burner over the metalic-net which will have a golden color. Then, once the coin is cooled in water, the golden coin will be ready.

Observation: -
                 Copper has been converted into gold coins by the sale of chemicals. It was not converted into gold coins. The test time may not be specified.


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